What Football Transfers Teaches About Change

Yesterday was Deadline Day for the European football transfer market and it was interesting to follow up all the melodrama that ensued all day which eventually climaxed by 11.00pm. There were many interesting transfers, and for the umpteenth time, Manchester United made the headlines more than the rest. Firstly, like the counter attack football they are once famed for, the Reds caught rivals and the rest of the world off guard when they got Radamel Falcao board a flight to Manchester for a one year loan deal, against all odds. United were never in the picture in the race to land the prolific goal machine after he had been linked all summer long to Juventus, Real Madrid, and lately Arsenal and Manchester City. Daley Blind, a dynamic player who came to limelight at the summer world cup with Netherlands was also unveiled. Not bad for a club whose priority would be to make it to the top four this season.

However, it was not all additions; there were some key members of the squad who joined in the massive exodus at the theater of dreams; Javier “Chicharito” Hernández joined the European Champions, Real Madrid, on a yearlong loan with the first option of buying the player on a permanent deal. It was quite sad to see “little pea” go even though he had been nothing but a fringe player all along and you would always sense that he needed to move on. However no doubting the contributions of the Mexican International as he had notched up a tidy 59 goals in 154 appearances and most of those appearances were as an impact substitute. However, Danny Welbeck’s going to Arsenal was one that really got into me. Not that Danny is any spectacular though (29 goals in 142 first team appearances), but you never really know the value of what you have until you lose them. I was thinking he would have gotten a loan deal too, but alas, it was long term. At 23, you just feel maybe he will just get it right someday. And to see the Longsight-bred lad in the colours of a direct rival is a pain in the neck! If there’s anything Manchester United fans will miss in Danny, are his athleticism, commitment and levelheadedness! All the same I wish him all the best and hope he goes on to shine in an Arsenal shirt.

It was not only Manchester United that was doing business, Alvaro Negredo and Micah Richards of Manchester City also joined Valencia and Fiorentina respectively on a one year loan.

Before the Deadline-Day, Fernando Torres of Chelsea also got a breather as he secured a deal to AC Milan; Mario Balotelli is at Anfield now and Sameul Eto’o notched his first goal for the Toffees over the weekend against his former employers. With all these transfer deals, there is one thing that is fundamental at the base: change.

Change is something dynamic and it’s inevitable.  Things don’t remain the same. Football clubs know the importance of reinforcing their squads and fortifying a department that is debilitating. That also brings another interesting angle to the whole thing. These players that are new buys or loaned and are being received with exhilaration in other clubs are oftentimes rejected or underestimated where they are coming from! Sometimes they are not giving enough play time because their former club have alternatives and they deem them surplus. However, in their new destinations, they are usually welcomed with enthusiasm. Isn’t it an irony that a reject becomes a messiah in another place?

That says a lot about life. Sometimes we are constrained by our present circumstances and environment and this causes us to begin to lose confidence in our abilities. It may also lead to a loss of enthusiasm. All that may be required to get running and firing again, just like transfers, is change. Change may mean different things to different folks. Some may need to change jobs— from an 8-5 to your own business, or just a switch in their careers. It may also mean that you change where you live; that’s not a call for you to relocate abroad; a new neighborhood that excites you may do the trick and inspire you to take on new challenges. Most of the players who have changed(been transferred) have gotten new aspirations and they will be looking forward to fulfilling it with their new clubs. I hope we also make that needed change that will make us the best we can be.

O.P. Philips is a freelance writer/entrepreneur. He is the author of The “OBAMA” in You! His new book, “What Football Teaches About Life” will be released soon.

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