About The Book

Football is world’s most popular sport with a quarter of the world’s population rooting for a particular sport team or their national team; others just love to play a game of football. The World Cup in 2014 had millions of views and broke records on social media as the most followed event in the world. Everywhere you go, everyone, whether young or old, is talking about football, hence its global appeal is second to none.

Beyond football serving as a sport and a form of entertainment, football like any other sport, often mirrors the society and reflects the values, the ills and biases of a given people. Consider the case of Celtic and Rangers in Scotland where old religious differences reflect in the supporters’ base of two football clubs. Within the football culture itself, there are so many things that occur that are similar to what happens on a daily basis. Sometimes they can give us unbelievable clues for life beyond what can be ordinarily observed.

What Football Teaches About Life is a nonfiction book that considers what is fundamental for success in football and juxtaposes it with what is fundamental for success in life. For example, in every game of football, players must practice, and players who are not match fit may not be featured for a game. In life too, practice, though sometimes overlooked, is very essential for success. There are a host of other things from football culture that we can glean out lessons from: Tactics, Passion, Mental Toughness, Competition, Teamwork, Skills, Goal, and so on.

This book breaks down these football terms and scenarios into day to day lingua with the help of data, historical facts, anecdotes and expert opinions from players, coaches, sport psychologists, fitness experts, analysts, administrators, successful entrepreneurs and those who are really knowledgeable about the game.

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