About The Author

Opeyemi PhilipsOpeyemi Philips writes under the pseudonym O.P.Philips. A versatile freelance writer and an entrepreneur, he founded www.whatfootballteaches.com and Sofooty Inc., owners of www.sofooty.com, an online football social network and a sport recruiting agency.

He has over 14 years’ experience in the Nigerian creative industry as a scriptwriter, filmmaker, TV producer, voice talent and content developer for magazines and websites. He also played football as an amateur and worked in a prominent sports newspaper that covered football in Nigeria. In 2001, he co-produced his first film in Nigeria at the age of 19 titled, “The Pregnant Man.” After that, he went on in 2006 to team up with Farnharm Film Company, UK, to work on the development of an international film co-production (a football feature film) titled, “Going International.”

In 2012, O.P. Philips authored his first book, “The “OBAMA” in You!,” a book inspired by the peculiar journey of president Barack Obama and published in the United States.He also blogs regularly on football and other matters and his blogs are syndicated on his personal website, www.opphilips.com and www.whatfootballteaches.com.