Life is like a Football Game



Life is like a football game; you should be in it to win.
Compete with opponents and don’t settle for draws.
Desire the trophy and work your socks off;
Practice hard and know the rules!
It’s not just about speed and muscles
Or about dribbles and shootings
But how mentally prepared you are;
Battle the obstacles and go for the goal.
Like a prodigy whose time has come.

Pit your strength against your opponent’s weakness;
And give the rival a thorough blitz;
Switch on fully when danger looms
And take your chances when glory beckons.

It doesn’t mean you can’t lose at all –
But your courage and positive thinking makes you a winner.
It doesn’t mean you can never fall –
But champions never dwell on yesterday’s defeat.

Just as a single tree can’t make a forest;
You can’t play the game alone.
Embrace team spirit in every contest.
And earn your place in the hall of fame.