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Every four years, the world is treated to a soccer Jamboree—a display of the finest football teams the world has got to offer in the course of one enduring month. The fever is too potent to be extinguished as every shade of humanity is emblazoned along colourful lines with the sights and sounds of the […]

FOUL! FIFA: Rule Makers or Rule Breakers?

There are two basic laws, they say, that governs the existence of mankind: the rules of God and the rules of man; if you want to survive, don’t break them! I will not attempt to embark on the onerous task of elucidating the former as it can prove to be daunting and obscure—I will, however, spotlight a little […]

The Battle For La Orejona (Big Ears)

All is now set for the biggest game of the season, the 60th of Europe’s apex competition and the 23rd season since it was renamed from the European Champions Club’s cup to the UEFA Champions League, holding at the Olympiastadion in Berlin on Saturday evening between the Old lady, Juventus and Blaugrana, FC Barcelona. The two heavy weights will […]

Adebayor and Family: Lessons We Can Learn

I read with uttermost dismay the other week the post Seyi Emmanuel Adebayor (SEA), the lanky Togolese International and Tottenham Hotspur forlorn striker wrote on his Facebook page where he made some blistering comments about the closest members of his own family— with mother and siblings all getting a scathing scorecard in the expository account. For an international figure […]

The Power of Ronaldo!

When Cristiano Ronaldo won the FIFA Ballon d’Or for the third time last January in Zurich, I had planned to write something about him but I was entangled with a deadline and by the time I tried to release my post, it had been overshadowed by events so I discarded it. But I did not […]

One Game At a Time!

There are just about eight games left in the English Premier League and the quarter-finals for the UEFA Champions Europe have been fixed—everything is now racing towards the climax of the season. While some leagues are almost a done deal for the league leaders like the Bavarians in Germany and the Old Lady of Italian […]