www.whatfootballteaches.com is a resource website that takes out lessons from every strata of the football (soccer) industry and uses it to teach important life lessons that can be used for personal development and in achieving corporate goals. This site looks at what is fundamental for success in every area in the game, from every perspective—the players, coaches, backroom staffers, sport psychologists, administrators, and all other major components of the game and indeed, the entirety of the football industry.

Football is world’s most popular sport with a quarter of the world’s population rooting for a particular football club or their national team and so it will be significant if football lessons which are often ignored, are used to enhance our understanding in achieving goals and becoming successful.

There are so many aspects of football that are similar to life itself, just like most sports. The objective of this website is to juxtapose these similarities in a beneficial way and see if it’s possible to use it for instruction in self-development and in achieving corporate goals.

For example, in football, practice is essential for success. Every professional must practice and be fit for match day. Athletes who are highly successful are noted for their stringent practice regimes—spending extra hours on the training ground to perfect their trade. This often makes them stand out among the rest. Many people know this but take it for granted. This site wants to juxtapose that with say, a writer who doesn’t do something to improve himself every day, or any other craftsman. Imagine they also take practicing seriously? It surely would help them become better.

Other things that football teaches includes, Innovation, Time Management, Branding, Mental toughness, Leadership and Emotional intelligence, Competitive strategy, Talent and Skills, Goals, Tactics (strategic planning), Passion, Teamwork, Focus, Adaptability and so much more.

This site also hopes to be a resource site where people who aspire to take up jobs in the vast football industry can learn how to go about it. This will be done through the constant information that will be served here and other opportunities for training and getting better equipped. www.whatfootballteaches.com hopes to connect with relevant industry personnel and organizations in order to achieve this purpose.